Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cue A Group "Awwwww" and Bursting Hearts.

So I just went ahead and emailed the director of education in Brazil that Birthday Boy led me too . A very proper email asking for more information and attached my resume. Just figured I'd at least entertain the idea a little and get more information. Then I messaged Birthday Boy and asked if we could talk more about it, so we did.

The 2 hour conversation took place on roomies ipad while we were at someones house and they all played poker. I didn't want to play (def not my jam) and was perfectly happy playing with their puppy and drinking the ENTIRE bottle of wine I brought before the ipad came out, and all the happier when I got to socialize but also chat with the boy I have a serious crush on. And now for a summary:

Me: I don't want to just move there for you, but if I do come I don't want all of this to just be you "being nice" and then I come and there's nothing between us. But on the other hand if I come and we don't work out I can still be doing my own thing and there is a legit expat community I can be a part of. I am unhappy here with my job, friends, living situation, etc. And since I moved here barely knowing one person, it doesn't seem too crazy to move somewhere where I feel I do have a serious connection with the person. What do you think?

Birthday Boy: Of course I don't want you to move here because of me, I just think a new city and job opportunity would be nice for you. In fact, I'd rather you take me out of the equation entirely and come for other reasons...I just get to be a fun perk! haha. Honestly, I would so happy if you came, but don't come just for me. But on a serious note...I haven't felt the way I feel about you in a long time.'s weird how much I think about you and "us". I know its not infatuation, which is a good thing, and I would like to see where this goes!

Me: I feel the same way, but feel stupid for feeling this way.

Birthday Boy: I do too, like I'm too old to be feeling this way. You seriously go against all of my logic!


So all of that made me happy.
Happier then I've been in awhile actually.



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