Sunday, April 08, 2012

How To Be An Awesome Girlfriend #1

Trying to be a good girlfriend or want to convince someone you are awesome girlfriend material?

1. ENCOURAGE time with him to go out with his friends. Make plans with your own friends. Do things a part. And don't pull the Old School "Oh...I thought we were going to get to those thank you notes tonight...I guess...I guess I'll just plan a girls night...". It should go...

"Oh awesome! Have fun! I think I'm going to {insert something fun here, even if its just happily chillin at home}, if you want to call me drunk later DO IT"

That last drunk call part is optional, ha. 

And then afterwards ask him how fun it was and be excited!

Yes, this is not natural for young women to be this confident in themselves and trusting of their boyfriend. 

But YES, your man will think you're amazing. 

I have mastered this pretty well, I still get nervous when he goes out with all his single friends in Brazil, especially when we haven't had sexy time in so long so I know it must be hard for him...but I'm learning to trust him and I think in the end its strengthening our relationship. 

So try being awesome on a man near you.



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