Thursday, April 05, 2012


Well the UNTHINKABLE happened!!!

I've been reeling for the last few days and haven't been able to process how to write about it...but I got drunk and felt it was finally time to attempt explaining the miracle of love and life if you haven't heard already.

So remember birthday boy? or his new name 'Mr. Boyfriend'. We met about a year ago in Bratislava, Slovakia while he was a Marine guarding the embassy and I was teaching. We were supposed to be a fling because I was moving back home and he was moving to Brazil for his last year of embassy duty in a few months too...and then the fling lingered...and then we kept talking...and then he came to see me while on leave for the holidays and we sealed the deal on our emotions and relationship status...we kept talking and falling in love...and in June I'm going to meet is family and son and OMG whats happening? It was supposed to be a fling!!!!


Mr. Boyfriend FINALLY found out his station placement after Brazil for the next 2+ years. You can kind of request regions, but you just rate three regions based on where you want to go and then get placed where theres space. So he rated:
1. west coast
2. east coast
3. international

Note, we were hoping for stationing in America and if we got lucky the west coast. Thats all we wanted. We prayed for more but expected the least. After a year in different continents, we were happy with at least being in the same country.

And then.

He got stationed in MY CITY. 

I'm not kidding.

My beautiful and amazing boyfriend is MOVING here in 6 months. OMG!!!!!

Let it all sink in a moment.

Maybe you need to read back to remember all the "what are we doing???" and "whats happening??" posts to really get the full affect. Because. This is HAPPENING.

Needless to say we're just thrilled. I am continuing my plans of getting my own place in a few months so he can just leave his stuff in the barracks and pretty much live with me to begin with...we're so excited! And we're making lists of all the fun things we can actually do now instead of just fantasize about doing...simple things like making dinner after work and snuggling to Vegas...time with stuff...OH MAN!

Ok I think I need a break I am still in shock.

More soon!



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