Friday, April 06, 2012


I was thinking of how to try and explain my PMS symptoms to my bf, in order to prepare him for whats to come when he MOVES here (eeeeee!). I decided later this was a weird conversation topic and will not be attempting it...but still.

How does one explain:

-well every girl is similar but different (hows that for confusing)
-you're so tired no matter how much sleep you get
-you're never full and could eat all day
-you want to pour chocolate all over your body and lick it off
-your lower tummy feels like someone is clenching it on and off
-headaches, general grumpiness about nothing, and oversensitivity and analytical are also fun byproducts.

I always know its my hormones, and of course birth control helps alleviate a little...but it still sucks balls every month right around now when I wonder "whats WRONG with me??? Oh yeahhhhh...".

So glad its the weekend and I can sit in bed eating, watching romantic movies, and sleeping.

A girls dream world.



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