Thursday, June 05, 2008

"I hate so much about the way you choose to be"

"I hate so much about the way you choose to be"- Micheal Scott about Toby The Office

guess where i am?! yep thats right! at the airport! woot! so far ive entertained myself pretty well for the last 2 hours...just one more to go! im currently sitting next to two cute older people who are also on their macs, they have a powerbook and a macbook pro. we've already discussed how cool and cute we are. i want to take a picture, but i decided thats pretty creepy so nevermind.

but i did take these pictures for you!

thats how i look at the airport (tired but still hot, haha)thats what i can see.

there, now you've gotten to experience a little of the Denver airport with me. arent you glad we're friends so i can share things like boring airport waits with you?

dont worry guys, i took like 3 pictures already this morning (on my camera) i can share the entire experience with you, your so excited. my 1 day in Colorado.

currently its cold and cloudy and rainy. i just wanna see the mountains!

i saw the cutest couple EVER with their fresh baby. the are going to be the icons of how i want to be when i grow up. they were so cool, they dressed kinda like cool hipsters but more laid back, they were in their late 20's (except hotter because they were pretty). the dad was pushing the empty stroller and had the backpack on with the baby stuff in it (so cute!) and the mom was holding the little baby which i didnt hear the entire flight! i have this huge fear that when i become a mommy im going to turn into a soccer mom. that me and husband will suddenly be uncool because we'll be so busy being suburbanites and so tired from the kids we'll just be boring and lame. i dont want to be like that. i dont know why i fear that so much, ive seen quite a few small new families that are just as cool as the one i saw today. not to say im not this way awesome person or anything, but i just dont want to lose myself into the mom-Oprah-housewife-sweatpants with stains-wrinkle cream vortex out there.
i want to be exempt. we're going to be beautiful, we're going to make our kids listen to good music while they're in the womb, we're going to dress like we care, we're going to dress our kids like they're the coolest (not expensive, just not like 1985 either), we're going to art museums and picnics in the park and flea markets to furnish our house. yes. me and husband and all our babies. i should probably just marry a rich rock star who doesnt have an alcohol or drug problem and be done with it.

ok, im going to do some reading for school now. something thats actually useful:)


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