Monday, June 02, 2008

this is the stupidest group of people ive over worked with who are not legally retarded

"This is the stupidest group of people I've ever worked with who are not legally retarded"
- Reno 911: Miami

Ive watched that movie 3x and 2 more times just watching my favorite parts, its seriously SO funny...the plot is dumb, but the one liners KILL me. oh man, i love comedy. just tivo it, its on HBO a lot. and of course, the actual shows new season just started on comedy central, yay!

so im currently at school an hour before my first class of the summer. i had to come before the parking office closed and get a permit and now the library is closed so im sitting outside just chillin. i hope my class gets out early today, sometimes the first classes do but usually summer school doesnt.

today i went to lunch with jen my friend from germany who now goes to school all the way in san fran. it was nice to hang out with her for a little bit, shes only in town for a few days. but shes going to meet me and cassie in Berlin! yay!

speaking of my trip, i cant believe how soon it is...hmm i should start breaking in my shoes. i dont really feel prepared. like, our hostels and plane is booked and paid for and ive made a day to day itinerary of what we're going to do each day (on average, of course its flexible). but i have a ton of stuff i need to buy and gather and i feel so overwhelmed with that task. i need to get at least 2 more pairs of pants or capris and thats quite a project since my body is weird and i dont fit into clothes well. theres all these random things i need from REI...packable pillow, locks, carabiners, converters, and some other things. if i had money id also buy myself some new rainbows since im currently using my moms and they arent my favorite and i havent had my own pair since last year in India when they broke because they were already old. i could use a few more shirts too. we need to buy our train ticket.

its just frustrating because im waiting to get my loan from school but apparently its taking forever and i just dont know if it will come in time. i think im just going to have to suck it up and get a private loan. which is fine, its just been such a hassle.

the campus is like dead. i think ive seen maybe 10 people since ive been here, which is weird since summer school started today. nothing is open, people r annoyed. lets see...this is number 20 thats tried to open the library only to find it hes cute...maybe he needs some assistance...

i really want to go to a padres game. my school can get my field level tickets (normally like $45/ea) for only $25/ea! i think itd be really fun...but im pretty sure after like an hour id get bored and wanna leave...unless i have some beer, then maybe itd still be fun. hehe i dunno. ive never been to petco park either, even just going there would be sweet. annie and cassie! lets go!

in other news, Bella and Lola got haircuts and they look bald and worms looks like her eyes r the size of marbles, HUGE. i started calling her "coon", like a racoon. so far ive called my dogs "cracker" because they're white, and now "coon" because of worms eyes (apparently im a closet racist), and bella has always just been called "fatty", "smella", even sometimes outright "fatso". i think my dogs r going to have a complex.

ok, i have to go and venture to the bathroom.

sweet! only 30min till class! yay!

whoa a girl just walked by that looks like Jordan...weird. aww jordan...i wish she were here for good already!

i wanna go on another date. and this time NOT screw it up. hmm, maybe ill go chase after library guy. but im tired of chasing, i just want to be caught.


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