Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obviously the Blue part here is the land

"Obviously the blue part here is the land" -Buster Arrested Development

today was lovely. relaxing, good friends, laughter, good visual entertainments, good purchases, just good. tomorrow i go to the dentist! then im going to get ready for camping, do some homework, and maybe clean my room, probably some Europe stuff too. i think ill fit in a nap somewhere in there too...i havent taken a nap in like 2 weeks! sad! i love days off!

The Woes of Long Hair
-it always gets stuck in your armpits

-gets stuck in your back or armpits or neck while driving and prevents you from being able to look to turn and other important issues while driving so u dont die

-stray hairs get stuck on ur shirt and tickle your arms but you just...cant...quite...reach them

-while you sleep it gets all tangled in your neck and arms so u wear it on top of ur head but then ur head hurts in the morning

-you cant wear it down in the summer so ur hair is the same for like weeks at a time...piled on ur head...until people arent sure if its even real anymore.

-when you put ur bag or purse on your shoulder, it gets stuck everytime and either hurts right away, or you dont realize its caught until you turn your head and get hurts a lot

Amsterdam. July. be there.

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