Thursday, June 12, 2008

so I play music thats what I do, and when i sing i lose myself

"So I play music thats what I do, and when I sing I lose myself"- Rosie Thomas These Friends of Mine

Today was a sad day. I had to drop of my macbook to get the fan fixed (at least i think its the fan, it just keeps overheating and i havent heard the fan come on in a long time). they said it would probably take about 2 weeks, which is forever for me without her. but luckily mom has her imac...but its just not the same. and stupid me saved all my photos and important documents on my ipod, BUT i forgot all our Europe documents on there. awesome. and i forgot my fresh to do list on there. so im kinda annoyed and worried if the hard drive should come back wiped ill be screwed. but it probably wont, its just the fan...right?

anyway. dear friends, soon i will be in the process of making playlists for my trip to Europe and i need your input. I trust you and your tastes, and i need some kick ass playlists for all parts of my trip. they can be broken into a number of different ways depending on how you think it would be best. we're gone a month, and we have a ton of long train rides, plane ride, and while im in museums i ditch the audio tours and listen to my own music and needless to say, i need some good playlists.

by country: (order of travel, Rome, Florence, Venice, Switzerland mountain village, salzburg, vienna, berlin, amsterdam, and paris) i have a few ideas for some songs that talk about amsterdam and paris but thats all so far in this regard

by event: plane ride, sleeping, train ride, museum, walking, etc. 

by you: just make me a sweet playlist and ill think of you when i listen to it

by artist: such as, Damien Rice was my playlist for my first trip to worked well for loooooonnnnggg drives and needing to chill. 

so respond to this note with a lovely list, add as you like and ill download what i dont have. OR we could just hang out and you can put it on my podi for m
e...thatd probably be the funnest:) 

Please have them ready by July 1st. ill be trying to finish summer school and in the last stages of my trip preparation by then so yay! we leave July 8th. 

thanks guys, i love you forever. pretty much going to be the best trip EVER.

all my love.
another hero.

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