Saturday, May 31, 2008

weekend art

"id like to know where you are at all times so i can avoid you, that would be helpful." -Reno 911

This is what I spent my time doing over memorial weekend, SO FUN. my heart was so happy spending hours poured over work that does my soul good. (see below for actual blog)

this is for Annies birthday for her new room:

this is for her pink/white/brown bathroom, its not quite finished yet but these are the parts:

i love it.
i start my summer school class on monday, bleh. im kinda excited because its going to be one of the sweeter classes i get to take but i really wish it wasnt over the summer.

Europe is SO soon. like a little more than a month. i cant believe it...i really need to get my loan situation figured out.

ive been missing my bestie olivia A LOT. especially with this whole boy thing lately, i just wish she was around to talk to and that we werent too busy to talk on the phone like we are. actually, i tried to scheme a way to go up and see her for a long weekend or something before i go to Europe...or even afterwards before school starts. but i cant miss work, and its probably too expensive anyway. i should save my impromptu trip for when i have a huge breakup or have a nervous breakdown anyway...not just because i miss her and i hate boys (for now).

tonight im going to hang out with my old girlfriends from middle school and high school (kinda) excited. we havent been together in a long time. but i feel bad because kelsey is in town for one night and i dont think i can play with her:(

tomorrow i have a super duper long day at work. 730a-130ish p we're doing a huge service project with the kids (its an art project! im in heaven!) and then in the evening i have to come back for about 2 hours because the parents are having a worship night and we're showing the chickens a movie. but i got off 2 hours early on friday, and i think everything will be fun! but its hard to keep ones energy up for the kids when its such a long day. we'll be tired.

ok, im going to play with the girls before i put wormy back in her cage for the evening. they got haircuts and look so funny. bella has such a small head and such a fat body with little legs. its weird to see her not looking like a sheep anymore. i miss my sheepish dogs.
question: who names their dogs worms? im so stinkin weird

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