Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Arry Paw'er, ere ar u?

so ive been listening to my harry potter audio books again, and i totally got in a harry mood and REALLY wanted to watch one of the movies, preferably the first one which I happened to have/stole from blockbuster then later paid for it. so i was looking forward to watching Harry in his early days ALL day, if not for a few days. annnd i wasnt feeling good after work so i was even more excited to snuggle in with my doggies and watch arry paw'er.

BUT THEN i couldnt find it. still cant find it. and im SO SO SAD. i even tried the crappy DVR and its not coming on anytime! so i searched and searched but couldnt find it.

so i just got stuck watching american idol which actually was a good one, and now im watching A Prairie Home Companion. ive always wanted to see it, so yay!

i just really really wanna watch harry potter.

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