Saturday, May 24, 2008


i just checked to see if my grades were posted in my classes yet, some of them had some of my final projects and papers grades posted. IM SO ANNOYED. i worked my ass off the last month of school to turn everything in and i had late nights spending time doing all this work because im a good student like that. the assignments arent even hard, they are just so damn time consuming its such a pain in the ass. so i got a pretty below average grade on my EASY linguistics final! and i have a C in the class and i totally deserve a B at least for all the work i put in...that class was hard actually. i just feel like im wasting time when i do all this work and get shitty grades like that. and then my ridiculously easy technology class i tried to get out off because it was so easy, she gave me an F on the final assignment! i did everything right! shes crazy! it wasnt even hard! no worries, i emailed her about it. bitch. shes crazy actually. i think she hates her life and she would always be on the cell phone during class and be mean to us when we'd ask her questions.

i just hate school, i just want to be done. i should have gotten a degree in the following things BESIDES crappy liberal studies:
1) art education
2) visual and performing arts
3) art history
4) psychology
5) child psychology

warning: dont ever be a liberal studies major. it will ruin your life. people think its easy because its just for like elementary teachers. but you think wrong. i have to take upper division classes and be good at EVERYTHING. not just a focus of interest. everything.

ok thats enough. sorry im so grumpy. i just work too hard in school to get bad grades and it pisses me off when i do.

ok, heres some pictures to cheer us up!


the birthday girl and kelsadilla!

a really awesome picture of me and cass (NOT)

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