Monday, May 05, 2008


things i saw and did yesterday:

-a clown pulled over to the side of the road fixing him/her? makeup in the mirror.

-a little girl chasing a ball down a large hill...she just kept going and going and couldnt get it until the very bottom. i asked annie awhile later, "i wonder if that little girl ever got her ball?" she replied cleverly, "no, shes probably out in the ocean still chasing it."

-spilt mustard on my old bosses sweatshirt he let me borrow because it was 500 below 0 at the park

-i watched Oprah do a behind the scenes thing of a new show coming out with hidden video cameras with actors doing horrid situations to see if people would react and try to help. i cried watching every single one, they weren't even that sad.
1) a man physically fighting this girlfriend
2) girls tormenting a "loser" girl from school in the park
3) friend seeing her best friends boyfriend with another woman
4) drunk people trying to get into their car
5) a Muslim woman trying to buy a pastry and being told "we dont serve your kind here, get on your jihad camel and get out of here"
i think there were a few more...
i have no idea why i cried every time, but all these women would stop and help the actors and it was so empowering to me as a woman and as a person. knowing Americans arent awful and would stop and was just really amazing.

and im pretty sure i was tired. how the hell did Oprah make me cry.

im still stressed out
sooo much to do this week it makes me wanna throw up (not in a good way)
but im almost done, yay!

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