Tuesday, May 27, 2008

thoughts and feelings on a date that hasnt called

thoughts and feelings on a date that hasnt called:
1) ive gone back and forth about him calling, right now im at %80 sure hes not going to. i tend to have low expectations in people to avoid being disappointed, its really fun to live my life this way you should try it sometime.

2) now this means, all the nice things he said to me were full of crap which is kinda what i thought to begin with. he was awfully charming, he probably has a black belt in it or something.

3) what a weird guy, why wouldnt he want to go out with me again, im pretty much awesome.

so those are my thoughts. take into account, he did call me the day after for a second but we were both driving (if you know me, you know i suck at driving and talking at the same time), and he said hed call me back later that night. he didnt. and he hasnt responded to my 2 texts. but its going to be ok. living life expecting the worst from people keeps my hopes down and my trust in God up. i know He has a plan for me and someone out there who isnt a tool for me, i just wish it wasnt taking so long to find him.

surprisingly im not really that sad or anything, im more annoyed with him and frustrated with boys in general.

but hope is not all lost. i know hes really busy and hes going out of town again for this weekend so that must be crazy. and i still have a "he didnt take his cell phone to utah" theory. either way, itll be fine. but it was fun to pretend boys liked me. owell, glad that dreams over now.

in other news: today i worked and it was long and i was cranky because i didnt get enough sleep and i forgot my vitamin and was trying not to eat because it was $1 fish taco day after 23opm at rubios and me and annie were going to meet at 4. also because i had something stuck in my right eye all day...i think i should just break down and open another contact lens box. i got invited to a sex and the city premiere after party in Hollywood, that would have been sweet. but for many reasons, im not going. but your so jealous right now and think im really cool. instead, im spending the evening napping and watching harry potter 3, which really isnt as good as the book. they try, but its never as good.

question: when is so you think you can dance on? i know it was on thursday, but what days is it normally ok? i love that show so much it burns!

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