Tuesday, May 20, 2008


all of a sudden last night i got super sick and could hardly sleep all night because my tummy hurt so much. then this morning i finally threw up, but i dont know if im sick with a little flu bug or if it was something i ate?

either way i still dont feel well. i went to work for a few hours because i was feeling better and i think that was a bad idea. i think i exerted to much energy and ended up leaving feeling pretty yucky by the end of the day. i havent eaten anything all day except i did drink an entire liter of ginger ale and quite a bit of water. mom and dad are bringing me jello and soup now tho:) why am i always sick?!?!?! im so tired of being sick all the time. grrr

in other news! i have a date! a real date! im not going to divulge too much because no one (including myself) is to get our hopes up, lest they be shot down. but i will say that he seems like an awesome guy whos really into me, and thats nice to feel even if the date ends up sucking or something.

im sure ill reveal more tomorrow night after our dates over, all my love.

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