Friday, May 23, 2008

today. Friday. May 23rd. blustery day.

today was a really busy day at work, i had like no breaks and i just barely made it out on time. i didnt even finish everything i could have, sunday morning ill be busy getting ready for church...i was just so tired by the end of the day!

i got a free lunch today at work from pick up stix AND a free dinner for annies birthday dinner fun! we all went to acapulco and it was really yummy and fun. except we were all really tired (we're old now, we work all day and all week and by friday we're just soo tired). we played a fun game and annies and then were all falling asleep so now im home.

eddie izzard stand up is on, Glorious, i havent seen it before. its on the bbc and now i cant go to sleep...hes so stinkin funny! i love British humor, its my most recent phase i think. i miss little britian, i dunno y i havent watched it in so long.

tomorrow im going to Micheals to buy some new supplies and to work on annies birthday gift! its going to be lovely i think, im excited to spend a day working on an art project and having a relaxing day off.

i think ill clean my room too, my drafting table is just covered in junk and i wanna make my gift on it, and the upstairs hallway is still full of my old boxes from moving 2 months ago.

kelsey brought me so many things!
1) my narnia book back! i need it for school, and because i kinda wanna re read it more:)
2) hugs
3) herself
4) dont remember
5) Felicity. season 3!!! yayyyyy

and thank goodness because i have next week my last week off school and ill be thankful to have my lovely Felicity. to keep me busy. im nervous tho, everything ended so well in season 2, this season has to be full of mishaps.

ill upload the birthday pictures tomorrow, for now night night!


PS: date called yesterday to say hey and pretty much how awesome i am. hes in utah for the long weekend so ill keep u posted if we ever go out again.
maybe next week, maybe never, who knows!

PSS: im LOVING the weather, but it makes me so tired and all i wanna do is nap:)

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