Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For the Record

Number 2 has called me every night since our date when I told him it
was certainly NOT ok that I didn't hear from him at all until after
his test. (ladies, boys ALWAYS have time to call or send a lil text.
Otherwise, do I have to say it? He's Just Not That Into You.)

And we talk for like 20-30 minutes and just laugh and it's so fun.
He makes me really happy.

This is seriously SO weird for me. Is this really me writing this? Me?
The girl whose been single since high school? (yeah, 6 years. I know).
The girl whose afraid of getting hurt so she doesn't let herself like
boys? The girl who was pretty sure she was going to be alone forever?

Yeah, that girl. She may like a boy who likes her back.

SO I think I might begin to officially let myself like this one. Hmm
on second thought, I'm going to wait for a few more dates. And the
extra weird thing is, i'm becoming less and less afraid of being hurt
and more and more excited to experience a part of life I've been
neglecting, romance. Even if it hurts. I think it might just be part
of the process.

ALSO I think I'm dying. I can't stop coughing, my throat is killing
me, and my body hurts like whoa. BUT I got to hear Number 2 be worried
about me and sad because that means we prob can't go out Thursday.
Also, his idea to go out Thursday after "he was going to fall off the
face of the planet". My charms changed his mind apparently.

Good things.
So far.
This is weird.
Are we still sure this is me writing this?


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