Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Birthdays and Dates, oh my!

I cant even believe my life right now. As in, writing and seeing this in actual font is going to be SO strange for me. But here goes.

Friday night was girls night out for my birthday! Some highlights for your enjoyment:
-Stayed in Cammies beautiful hotel downtown, he got us into the Hard Rock for drinks and dancing. So nice!
-I made one of the more beautiful men Ive ever seen in my life dance with me after he started flirting with me first (so ha), but then he peaced out and I found him dancing with some other girl later...haha. Reasons why the pretty ones are always jerk faces, right?
-my favorite part was when I kept trying to do booty drops with my friends, but was so DONE I kept falling over EVERY time. But then id just try again...and again...oh yes, I was THAT girl.
-random not really that cute asian man fell in love with me. I vaguely recall this, but there are pictures to prove it. Once again, yes, I was THAT girl.
-I couldnt walk home (again, THAT girl), so Annie got me a cab back to the hotel. Apparently I kept trying to talk to our JAMAICAN cab driver in Spanish. And he gave me a rose for my birthday which I found in my bag in the morning.
-Annie changed me, put me to bed, got me a trash can and went back out to meet Jordan and Kelsey to party until the bars closed. haha.
-SO SICK all night, morning, and next day. Just as I said last year on my birthday, "I will never drink again"
-Apparently Kelsey and Jordan were sick too, so heres Annie (annie? your crazy friend annie? the one you took care of in Vegas? YEP, that one:) running all around the hotel changing us and giving us trash cans...I cant even imagine, too freaking hilarious.
-dont worry, threw up in the car on the way back home the next late morning too. Seriously, DONE.

So those are some highlights. I still cant believe it all really happened since I dont drink that much usually and us girls dont get to even go out that often and that ANNIE was our caregiver. Oh man Oh man. I cant do this crap anymore, im getting too old;)

SO THEN. I had a date with Number 2 in the evening. I couldnt even move without feeling sick (seriously, THAT girl), and hes all stressed with his big GMAT coming up so he asked if we could move our date to another time. Obviously, more than fine. BUT we both kind of missed each other, and after talking on the phone awhile wanted to see each I made him come up here and we did something lame but relaxing and kind of nice together. We studied. yep. Went to Starbucks/B&N and attempted to study even though we really just wanted to be with each other. But I got some homework done, and he did too surprisingly. But he kept getting distracted with "how beautiful I am", haha, hes such a charmer. Then we went to the beach and "hung out" before I made it home by 8. I still really wasnt feeling good, but being with him made me forget about how I still felt like throwing up every minute (cute, right). So things with Number 2 are interesting. Its kind of freaking me out that we have such a connection on only the second date. We really just click. And he said it best, "I really enjoy spending time with you...its just so easy...". That really says it all. Its just effortless and easy. We are really comfortable with each other. But he keeps talking about future plans as if we were going to be a couple...and however sweet that is, its still only the second date. Shouldnt that weird me out? Or should I just go with whatever. But heres the thing about going with whatever, either you end up getting hurt or you end up having to numb yourself to emotion and I dont want that either. Maybe I just need to tell him I need to take it slow. Plus, I still keep thinking hes just being all nice and charming to get into my pants. He keeps trying to convince me otherwise, but I have zero trust in the male species for this stuff...but then I dont know if Im being too crazy and need to give him a chance. Gosh, this stuff is difficult. No wonder I avoided dating for so long. But, I guess its life. Have to learn how to live it somehow.

He prepared me for him to fall off the face of the planet for 10 days. His GMAT is the same day as my Teach for America interview, how crazy is that?! So hes studying like a mad man, which is fine. I actually have zero time this week to hang out anyway, bestie is coming to town!!! But I did tell him he should at least call me or something so I know hes not dead, and because its polite and I dont put up with that crap (I didnt use those words though, haha). So we'll see how he does.

Tonight is my final birthday celebration! Out to dinner with the family to Ki's! Im excited to see my aunt and uncle and little lukey and sammy pop. Plus brother is coming! Plus, they have vegan food there! Yayyyyyy!

I think even though Im potentially leaving next fall, I want to fall in love. I miss love. Its been a long time.

Ok, thats all.

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