Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Birthday was FABULOUS! Yesterday I turned 24 (SO OLD!).
I know its not technically "old" but I just FEEL old.
Like, where has the time gone?! so crazy!
so OBVIOUSLY Bianca, Danielle, and Alyssa escorted me to Disneyland for the day! And OBVIOUSLY Bianca and Danielle made us each a tutu to wear all day! And OBVIOUSLY we all wore Micky ears and had such a great time!
Highlights include:
-literally, DANCING IN THE PARADE!!!
-literally, doing magic tricks at a table with just us, creepy magician, and WOODY from toystory!
-getting one of each dessert from the Blue Bayou, Id never been!
-using our wait in line time as photoshoot 2009 time
-making friends with EVERYONE because they all loved our little tutus
-having everyone wish me happy birthday all day at the park:)
-laughing so much all day it was OOC! (out of control. get used to it)
-everyone being SO tired from such a long day, but kept playing around in the park because we were having fun and didnt want to leave/were delirious.
-Danielle getting a speeding ticket on the way home because we were all laughing and not paying attention:(

Hopefully your our friends on Facebook, because we have lots more pictures on there! and by lots, I of course mean a ridiculous amount.

birthDAY I heard from Americorp Teach for America letting me know I have made it to the final interview!!! It will be in LA on October 20th!!! I get to stay with Kathleen the night before and the night after the interview so Im extra excited! Such great birthday news!

guess who called on my birthday? NUMBER 2. yeah, thats right. Number 2! He called to wish me happy birthday! (I couldnt believe he remembered, because I only off hand mentioned it once...I think...) and to ask me out again of course. We're on for Saturday as of right now. I dont know what we're going to do yet. But Ill keep you updated, dont worry.

One called. He left a message, but I dont have his number. So I think Im just not going to call him back. I felt bad for like 5 seconds, but then it passed, haha. But if he calls again Ill talk to him and tell him something...but if not, then sweet. He called also to wish me happy birthday, which was so sweet.

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