Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One of the more interesting days of my life

WELL today was the teach for America full day interview here in LA.
First it should be mentioned that since driving up here and being here
I've been singing the line "Im in LA, trick." in my head. I've heard
the song like twice and don't even like that kind of music but it's
just stuck. And it makes me giggle.

Ok, now on to more important things. Important events from today:
1) enjoyed LA (trick) traffic this morning from Kathleen to the
interview location which was apparently in Korea town. Oh I just loved
it. All the signs were in another language and everyone drove really
well there! Ugh. But it was fun kinda.

2) everyone taught their lessons, then we had a group challenge thing
to work through, then we had a few writing prompts to answer, then we
had a problem solving packet. It was a doozy of a morning. I did well
at everything I think. Lots of ages and ethnicities in my group which
was sweet.

3) had like 3 hours in between the morning session and my interview.
Drove up to wilshire for some subway. While eating, a scrubby but
kinda cute just not my type black man hit on me. He asked me how I was
and what I was reading, etc. Just when you think he's just being
nice...he left before me and I finished what I was doing before
heading out too get back to the interview. As I was leaving he's
waiting outside subway and yells to me as I'm walking away "girrrrl,
your fierce!" and includes a snap just for flava. Yes I know.
Highlight of my day. He proceeds: "I was hoping you would be leaving
soon after me"
"yeah well, I've gotta go"
"where r u going?"
"I'm up here for a job interview actually"
"oh yeah? Where?"
"well it wouldn't b here..blah blah blah"
"oh well, I was gonna ask for your number but it your not staying here
"aww yeah, sorry"

And I couldn't help but ask myself, how can it be that I've been in LA
less than 24 hours and a boy already asked for my number but I've
lived in san Diego all my life and can't get a date unless it's from
online. How is this my life?! Haha

4) SO THEN driving back to the interview site the car in front of me
stopped suddenly, and I tried to stop in time but i just tapped her
car. I couldn't even back up because the car behind me was super close
too because it happened so fast. I BARELY touched her car so I didn't
even get out and just asked her if it's ok and she said no so we pull
over. NO dents. Nothing but a little scrape and some on my paint on
the bottom of the bumper. But she got all fussy and wanted my info. Uh
hello, that's what bumpers r for u crazy. Glad it wasn't more serious
I guess.

5) one on one interview went well. But i was so tired from such a long
day my mind kept blanking. But I pulled it together and did well I

6) just waiting here at starbucks for Kathleen to get off work and
take me to dinner and just got hit on again by the cute black Batista.
Today the black men LOVE me. Must be the dress.

So that was my day. My ass hurts from sitting on hard chairs allllll
day. My mind is too tired o read the school book I brought. So here I

Also note, I've been going through this weird food phase lately. Every
once in awhile ALL food grosses me out EXCEPT veggie sandwiches, and
bean/rice/lettuce/guacamole burritos. I seriously would rather not eat
than eat anything besides those two things. And it's always those two
things. It happens every few months. I call it my "I'm 5 years old"
phase because I'm so picky and fussy, haha. Maybe it happens when I'm
stressed out and don't have an appetite except for comfort foods...hmm
I dunno. But it really does happen all the time. Such a freak.

Ok I'm go back and flirt with this cute Batista. And ten go buy
thisdress in every color, jeez!

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