Sunday, October 04, 2009

Number 2 Gets a Promotion.

Date with Number 2 on Friday. (Although he will continue to be referred to as Number 2, he really deserves a promotion if his name was in fact based on rank. Which it wasnt, but still.)

To begin with, I debated about even writing a blog about Number 2 because things went so well (whoa). And because our time together was so effortless and fun, I cant even remember enough specific details to write about the things I normally do. Its as if, my brain finally relaxed and forgot to take notes. Looking back, I kind of felt like Sookie when she meets Bill in True Blood and cant read his mind and how relaxing that was for her. Or when Edward meets Bella in Twilight and the exact same thing happens. Not that Im not a nerd for vampire fiction or anything, whatever. But seriously, it was like that. Sooooo in light of all that, I'll try and give you some facts and leave out the details, because for the first time, they feel personal.

1) Movie in the park got canceled because of the random rain yesterday. BTW how weird/awesome was that? So we went to Sbicca in Del Mar, which is a new favorite of mine since whats-his-name took me there. Neither of us were hungry so we decided "to just get drunk instead" (laugh), which didnt happen because I am a lady so dont worry. Afterwards, we walked over to the beach area which was all sunsetty and romantic and we just "hung out" over there for a little while. Then we went to see the Invention of Lying which was hilarious but not what I expected and a perfect first date movie. Plus, during this time I found out he does in fact watch Arrested Development so that sealed the deal right there, haha.

2) We're both leaving around the same time! Which is amazing! Hes currently applying to fancy grad schools to get his MBA so he'll be most likely moving somewhere on the east coast. And hopefully this whole NYC teaching thing works out for me. For normal people this wouldnt be something they are into, but I was excited about it and I think he was too. Now we can have fun and see where things go without there being a ton of pressure. I mean, I know it will be horrible to leave anyone, but its part of life. Im not going to just be single and alone because I might be moving eventually. What would I be missing out on? This is the only life I get to live here. Have to live it.

3) We just get along really well. Hes super funny and sarcastic, and we just bantered and joked around with each other about everything all night. But we also had intelligent conversations about moving and traveling and such. Dont want to bring up politics or religion on the first date, then we'll really see whose intelligent (besides me, obviously). And I think we just may like some of the same kind of music (I KNOW). At least he knew who my favorite musicians even were, which is kind of a big deal. OH I just remembered something else, he asked me what my favorite museums were (nice question there amigo- 2 points!) and actually knew what they were and had been to most of them. Even the ones abroad. Probably because he spent 3 months backpacking Europe a couple years ago, whatever. And his friends all take turns planning trips each year, this year is his turn and they're going to South America. Whatevs.

4) He kept telling me nice things about myself (10 points?!). Unfortunately, Ive been having to immune myself from compliments from boys, and he was no exception. I love them of course, but Ive had to teach myself not to turn into their play-doh just because they called me beautiful...again. Which isnt hard to turn off since I get them so often now (Oh I know, tough life). And I have to be a little cynical here, because how often do they really mean it and how often do they just want to get lucky because they're pretty sure all girls have low self esteem? But he had some new more specific compliments I hadnt heard yet, so that was encouraging. Oh man, Im so jaded. jjj jaded.

5) This time, more than half way through the date, I realized I hadnt thought about whats-his-name ONCE. Number 2 is so much sweeter and more fun than whats-his-name he didnt even cross my mind. In fact, I didnt think about much of anything else the entire date. It was that "only two in the room" syndrome, and I liked it.

6) Major points scored when he called me on the way home to make sure I got home safely and to tell me how lovely everything was...although I dont think he used the word lovely, haha. Then he texted me the next day because "I should be studying but all I can do is think about you. Its all your fault!". So there you go. There's your detail.

Of course he said he wanted to take me out again, so now I just endure the dreaded wait for "the call".

TUESDAY=BIRTHDAY!!! Disneyland! Dancing with Girls! Dinner with family! Oh my! Cant wait!!! Not all on the same day, dont worry. I like to prolong the celebration of myself for as long as possible, obviously.

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