Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm doing the "crazy girl" thing again where I keep waiting for PAG to slip into a conversation that he doesn't want to do this long distance thing anymore or to just not hear from him ever again. The last 3 weeks have been crazy busy for him, but as a long distance girl friend I cant tell if its that or if he is just over me. I was really sad for awhile, even though he kept apologizing because he was so busy...but then I would still hardly hear from him and got tired of sending unanswered emails. Finally, I woke up one day and was just going to write him something to the tune of "I know your busy, but I am frustrated and can't tell if your not into this anymore or if its just you. Either way you've been sucking lately."

But of course, I open my email up to two emails from him, one with a picture of him making a funny face, and one with a reference to a package he sent like 2 weeks ago which I haven't gotten. And then he calls me Friday night, Monday night, and last night just to talk and say hello and chat. He still calls me "baby" and says he misses me. Plus, Cassie reminded me that he IS working on his last semester on his PhD in physics and its kind of a big to cut him some slack sometimes. 

I know I wasn't too crazy town since typically not hearing from a boy = over you...but I think maybe part of it is also my old cynical self sneaking back into my head telling me to freak out because "another one is leaving you again!!!"

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