Saturday, February 05, 2011


One of my room mates and my lovely assistant- The birthday girl!

It was my lovely British assistants birthday over the long weekend when we were all out of town, so we  got together and took her out to celebrate last night instead. Oh it was lots of fun, went to two bars and a night club to dance. I drank .90euro glasses of good wine over dinner (then someone kept buying me beer the rest of the night so that was helpful), had some British guys with all the same hair from London on a stag party (or Bachelor party as us Americans call it) fall in love with me, hung out with our new school director AKA boss from the school...which was kind of weird...and then my room mate got sick so some of the group went home and I refused friends invites to stay at their house and just managed to find my way back home at 3am rather tipsy and just 3 hours shy away of being up for 24 hours. All in all a lovely evening.

But all week I have just been a bit sad. After spending so much GOOD quality time with Rachel over the weekend...I now miss those real friends more then ever. Between boring shallow conversations with people I dont really care about and seeing our two friends that are couples all cutesy with each other throughout the evening...sometimes I just kept drinking to avoid the sadness building in my heart. So know my loves that you are missed. But that if I come home and do the same block of boringness I AM GOING TO LOSE IT.

Its so hard for me to balance my love for going out in a real CITY with my friends at home who all congregate in the boring suburbs. Besides Micah, few like to regularly go out like I do. So I decided my new goal for 2011 is going to be to work towards moving more south towards my friends and the fun things in the city. And you know know I am not going out every night of the week to the bars or something. But on the weekends I want to go out with friends...see some live music...get some good food at other places BESIDES corporate chains.

I am VERY happy with my job and enjoying seeing Europe of course, but somedays are like today. And like this week. Where all the little things that didnt bother you at first, now do. And you made up this place in your head of "home" where all your favorite people all get together all the time...which isn't even true.

My gorgeous city apartment downtown didn't work out, they wanted me to move in asap but I couldn't make it work financially so they had to give it to someone else. Pretty bummed. SO we are on for March 1st hopefully. Hoping that the change will distract me from being sad and that being closer to fun things will get me out more and not home every night after work missing you all.

Love from Slovakia. Please come visit!!!

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