Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweden Day 3: Design Overload.

Oh Sweden, your endless patterns and design SLAY me.

Yesterday after another lovely vegetarian lunch with Cassies work friends, I ventured to a cute cafe with wifi that we went to the other day where you can make your own tea and they give you blankets inside. On the way anywhere here in Sweden, I quickly will start to not be able to feel my face and pop into stores on the way to my destination to escape the cold. THIS ONE BLEW MY MIND.

It was like Fred Flare home meets the Urban Outfitters home section meets Ikea and I died in the process.

I looked like a crazy person walking around taking the few pictures I did at this random store, but I am trying to embrace the tourist and blogger that I am and kept telling myself it was all for you.

be inspired.

From Sweden with love,



Tea serving tray. 
Also came with matching cups.

Precious mugs.

Goblets for your jewelry or grandma sweets.

Shower curtains that changed my life.

was SO close to buying this one.

Coolest toilet paper of your life.

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