Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The In-Between.

Things are weird.

One minute I LOVE my job and really want to move into the city and love my European life...

Then literally, 10 minutes later I want to jump on the next plane home because I can't deal with anything anymore.

Today was really cold and windy and dark, the kids were extremely obnoxious and hitting each other, and by the end I was irritable and crank fest 2010.

Its difficult to describe since I am such an outgoing and social person, but after work I dont want to hang out with people who aren't my real friends or family. People who take work and energy to be around are too exhausting after such a long day. So we have these dinner parties or all go out with my roomies almost every night of the week, and Im glad to be busy so Im not sad and lonely, but I am just kind of eh every time. Sorry, I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT SCHOOL ANYMORE. I think I might just need to be honost and tell them I need to not talk and to be alone for awhile before re entering the world...

Or I just need to become an alcoholic?

From Slovakia with Love,


PS It just occurred to me Im trying to repair inside my heart with outside things...ugh, I guess its time to do some soul searching.

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