Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweden: Around the City

Today I just slept in and then Cassie met me for a DELICIOUS lunch of vegetarian soy meat hot dogs, mashed potatoes, a salad bar, and fresh bread. Swedish food is schooling Slovak food like whoa. Then she had to go back to work so I took myself for an adventure to exchange my money, shop till I drop, and then all the way back home. Its cold and after all that walking I am ready for a nap before we go to Malmo tonight for a vegetarian dinner. I am LOVING being around all these vegetarians with food options besides pasta with stupid cream sauce.

Lund is so precious. It kind of reminds me of Madison, Wisconsin in that all thats really here is the university, so its all college folk in this old city where you can walk everywhere, theres cafes and good shopping abound, and too many cool kids to count. OH and the men here are like 100x hotter then the Slovak or Austrian men. I kind of love it in Sweden!

Some pretty images of the lovely old architecture from today...

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