Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Official Cry.

Its happened more times then I'd like to admit- the sudden water filled eyes at the thought of my family, lover, dog, or friends. But I would always will myself to think about something else and busy myself with some work. Today got the best of me.

One of my room mates and her bf here went to Croatia for the weekend, while the other room mate and work friends I know all went to work at the school for the day (UGH I know right, its SATURDAY) but I was ok messing around the apartment moving slowly and enjoying my morning and early afternoon to myself, and they mentioned something about going to a coffee shop afterwards and having sushi in the city afterwards so I thought I'd go meet up with them later. I went into the city in the early evening to get a cup of tea and read my book at the coffee shop I thought they were going to later...however, they decided to change their mind and just go home in the end. Um Ok. ANNOYED AND ALONE I texted a fun girl I met last weekend who used to work at the school too and is one of those party girls who is ALWAYS going out and told me to let her know whenever I wanted too. However, I received no answer from her. So it was now 7p. I was in the city center. Have already been alone reading for a few hours.

So I took myself out for overpriced and flavorless sushi.

Then cried myself home. 

I called the lover who didn't pick up and then Annie who did, while sitting crying in front of a beautiful statue in the middle of a European city on a Saturday night.

Needless to say, I am now home alone drinking wine and eating chocolate.

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