Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Choose Three.

Choose Three.

So we all know I am not the richest teacher on the fresh graduate block, but I am finally in a place financially where I can choose to spend some of my money on...wait for it...myself. Yes, I still have credit home every year...etc. But every month I am still budgeting...even sometimes working extra hours- because I am choosing three things to do for myself. Just because I am awesome and work hard not just to pay bills and eat.

My three you probably already know: my nails, monthly lady waxing, and I am now seeing a therapist every week too. I feel so spoiled with my chosen three! And thats the point. Of course there is much much more I could spend coloring, eye brows, toe nails, shopping, gym membership, etc. BUT I just chose my three and enjoy every second of them. I dye my own hair, do my own eyebrows and nails, don't get to shop as often as I'd like, and work out at home (hahaha like I actually do that).

So I encourage you my loved. Choose at least three things to do for yourself that make you feel good and beautiful every month. Even if its just sitting at a cafe reading all morning and eating cake once a month- do it. We are human beings- not machines.



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