Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Birthday. Rendezvous.



Looks pretty great huh. Birthday plans started out pretty amazing...we booked a table at sky bar for 15 people and I had around 20 "friends" RSVP, plus we were going to a nice club afterwards. Roomie and I spent the day getting ready...we bought the crown, dress, and new shoes. Did my hair...roomie did my makeup...baked the funfetti cake I brought back all the way from America...painted my toes...etc.

However. The night ended up being all of my "friends" kind of ignoring me, and basically just using it as an excuse to party. Everyone (except roomie) almost just left me at sky bar to go to some other club where another girl was having a small party. I didn't want to go because it wasn't very nice and it was far away, but no one asked me where I wanted to go or seemed to care. Roomie had to TELL me, "so everyone is leaving to go to the other club so we need to go". I had to do my cake and presents with just a few people because no one else was even paying attention. Everywhere we went everyone would literally be standing around a table talking or whatever and I would be standing or sitting alone. I had to start hitting people and trying to joke, "can I please be invited to my own birthday party?! Damn!" I thought I was maybe being oversensitive and wanting too much attention...but the next day roomie confirmed my feelings. We both realized who are real friends were. But even roomie left early with her boyfriend because he had a baseball game the next morning and is always a priority these days. Plus, the old birthday boy I've been seeing- at the last minute couldn't come because of work and I was disappointed. And I cried because I missed all of you forever friends and my family on my first birthday so far away from home. People who actually know what to talk to me about and care about me.

Luckily, the night ended up with me dancing at an actual legit club with the remaining few until 5a and them all walking me home. A definite high note to end on.

A real picture of the evening?

Almost everyone at the other table ignoring me while I open presents. Receiving condoms from my friend who remembered me whining about not being able to get any in Slovakia after 9p. Little did he know how handy they would come in...


After my semi shitty birthday party, my hungover self and birthday boy had plans for the day once he was finished working. The plans became "Wanna come over and lay in bed with me all day while I get over this hangover?". Obviously he rushed over. After our failed sexcapade in July before I left for SD, Sunday became what we like to call "Naked Cartoon Day" which included having the best sex of my life four times, watching Despicable Me all snuggled up laughing SO hard, and talking and laughing ALL day and night. It may have ended up being one of my better birthdays.

First of all, we had SO MUCH fun together! And definitely had a sweet connection because we would just talk and talk about our lives and selves. He told me hilarious stories and was so loving with me. He would kiss me and kiss me, hold me really close, touch my face and hair...and compliment me up to wazoo. I am in the process of trying to document everything he said about me because I never believe these things about myself. Most things I want to keep, but a snippet to share...
"wow, you have an amazing body"
I'll take that.

We proceeded to have "Naked Monday" evening and "Naked Tuesday" evening to the point that both of us were SORE from so much sex, ahahahaha.

Sadly, last night we had to say good bye. He left for Brazil this morning for his next post. We were both sad...another one of those great people you meet and have a connection with and then have to say good bye. Both of us have done this many times, both of us knew what was happening this time, and both of us confirmed that it sucked. But he wants to end up on the base in socal after his year in we'll see what happens...

So yeah...quite the weekend and week. Plus I started my tutoring clients this week, mom had another surgery yesterday, and I just got home from a very emotional counseling session. All in all, I would say my plans of going to bed at 9:00p are SOLID.

Tomorrow for the actual birthday, roomie and I are going to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner- so excited!



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