Saturday, October 15, 2011

2 Hour Late Night Chats.

Yeah, thats right.

Someone is still talking to birthday boy almost every night on FB chat...sometimes for 2+ hours...and I have to say it's awfully nice. We basically just fawn all over each other telling each other how great the other one is and remembering our amazing time together. He also mentioned something interesting randomly mid conversation. He said he's realized how much he lets his guard down with me and is slightly more emotional than usual. That somehow I bring this out in him. I was flattered of course but then laughed to myself, because...Is ANYONE really surprised? What is this, number 125 in men who tell me their life stories and confide all these things in me after only spending a short while together? Roomie says its because I'm so maternal and I don't even realize it. I say- that sounds weird. Who wants to attract boys because I am maternal? Is that why they always end up emotionally dumping on me and then disappearing? Because really, who wants a mother for a girl friend.

Interestingly enough this is something therapist and I have been discussing. Apparently it also has to do with me being too much of an emotional giver. I just let men dump on me and it drains me. I give and give and take in and take in and end up depleted. But then I still don't understand the -then they leave- part. I hearrrrr it's because they realize I'm the marrying kind and get freaked out and peace because they are still just wanting to have fun. But who really knows.

For now, its nice to have a boy still enjoying talking to me and interested in my life for no other reason then because he thinks I am lovely.

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