Saturday, October 08, 2011


Woke up to a message from Birthday Boy on Thursday...included things like, "Hello Beautiful...hate to sound lame, but I miss you a lot!...being hot and bothered on a long plane ride is the worst...etc."

Minor heart explosion<3

Have to say, feels good to not be rejected by a boy for once.

But I'm still sad and bummed. I miss him. I feel stupid feeling this way, but we had such a sweet time together. I think its also nice that we just got to have the fun beginning part of something amazing though. Better then nothing and better then it turning bad. We've written more. He confirmed that we definitely had a connection, that he felt more for me then just lust (hehe), and that he can't remember the last time he enjoyed someones company as much as our time together. Swoon.

Back to reality...

Having to accept that roomie/"bestie" just ditches me all the time for her boyfriend now, and that familiar feeling of lonliness has returned today as I ran errands and sat in a cafe working alone all day. She's honest about the fact that she sucks at time management, so I think I am going to make us a date night where the boyfriend isn't invited. Because just talking for 10 minutes about our day when she's home from work just until her boyfriend comes over every night isn't exactly the quality time I consider a good friendship to have. My tummy is bothering me today so it's good I'm just taking it easy I suppose...and I finally texted my old roomies who invited me over for home made Mexican food and some drinking. So the weekend might turn for the better after all.

I think i just need to get drunk. Drinking solves everything.

Ugh, I've been working way way way TOO much. I counted my hours vaguely...omg. Around 50+ for school, and then 5 more with private tutoring. No wonder my tummy is upset and all I want to do is drink, good Lord.

I think things will calm down a bit more now. I finally have a handle on the schedule and the students are getting more independent so I can just give them things to do and can work on grading, putting things up, prepping lessons, etc while they work. Plus, I am supposedly getting an assistant within 2 weeks time and they said I could give copying to our receptionist to do for me sometimes. So things are getting better. And I am enjoying the new challenge of the tutoring students after school and the extra money is SO good for me. This is the first month I am not broke the entire week before we get paid again and have to borrow from roomie! I feel so adult! And I still have money for my 3 self things: nails, therapy, and waxing. Someone is growing up- It's weird.

Counting down until my Cammie comes to see me. I am SO excited to spend time with someone who truly knows me annnnd hasn't been to Europe before. The best of everything! Taking a vacation is high on my "Things To Be Excited About" list too. I need the break from work and am so glad I am leaving so it'll force me not to work. If I stayed home I would just sit in this cafe and plan and plan and catch up on grading, then go back to work just as annoyed as when I left.

Alright. The cafe's dim lights are now officially hurting my eyes and I am sick at looking at these science books, bleh.

Enjoy your lives my loves.



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