Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I really couldn't be happier with my decision to move back. I know its the holidays so things are more lovely than usual, but my welcome home has just been amazing. I forgot how FULL my life is here. In Bratislava I was so lonely, bored, and frustrated all the time. But as soon as I come home I have so many options of things to do and people to see. I haven't been cuddled and loved on by so many people in so long...I keep sitting in it and enjoying. Even just to be sweet to me now.

One of the things I did learn in Bratislava though, was how to be alone and be ok with it. I am so much more independent now and ok with doing things on my own...I even like it most of the time. And not just errands or regular activities, just even things I enjoy. Going alone to a cafe, museum, or book store that my friends might not share an interest with me in doesn't really bother me anymore. In fact, I kind of like it. Especially after having to engage all week with the kids...I am pretty socially drained after that and welcome the solitude.

So here are some snippets of my welcome home...

Crappy cell phone pictures of my beautiful 2 dozen roses and then the chocolate covered strawberries the next day from my birthday boy

Christmas eve decorating the tree with my family and then a big delicious dinner with my aunt, uncle and babycakes

Christmas day with my awesome family. I was SO tired from waking up at 3 because of the time change...we just relaxed and enjoyed each other all day. Mom and I even took a long nap in the afternoon before the big delicious dinner- perfect.

Day after Christmas wine tasting with my awesome family. 
SO MUCH FUN and such a nice treat from them.

*note the huge band aid on my poor knee. We've been discussing her needing to be healed by next week when birthday boy comes. This is serious business.  

I had my old girl friends over last night for a wine and appetizer affair and OH! It was SO SO SO fun!!! Of course there is a normal one of us, but this is just so much more realistic. 
Oh how we laughed...

But then I mixed gin n tonic with too many glasses of wine and am now bedridden for today. I was supposed to go help one of my many engaged friends with her wedding prep today, but apparently standing up still isn't a good idea...

So many more fun things to come! I am so happy to be home.



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