Friday, December 02, 2011

Pretty Sure I Have TB.

Ok, slightly dramatic, but the symptoms are certainly the same! I can't breathe, have coughing fits, and cough up gross stuff- come on, it has to be TB. It's certainly not a cold anymore or allergies as the doctors here tried to tell me, so I am just waiting for the test results to see what kind of antibiotics I'm sure I'll need.

Oh it is FUN being deathly ill and trying to navigate all these doctors whose English isn't always the best, and when you have to take your sick self on the tram to another part of town you've never been to following the address on a sticky note to a Slovak hospital older then you where the people with NO English take an X ray of your face. Oh, and its storming and freezing the entire time. Seriously, I am AWESOME. I was annoyed the entire time because I didn't feel well and it was the last thing I knew my poor body needed, to be walking around in the freezing rain barely able to breathe. But I did it! And later realized- "Wow, look at you city girl. Not only have you MADE it in a city, but a foreign city with very little English speaking people to boot! You kind of rule"

A lot of things have been happening on top of this horrible illness. Work asked if I'd like to MOVE back home at Christmas to be with my mom with no hard feelings between me and the school and a letter of recommendation too leave with too. The director tried to relieve me of any moral attachments I had to the kids or school and encouraged me to make a decision best for me and my family. I'll not tell you the decision until I am ready.

On top of that Birthday Boy has been a little MIA this week...not completely and I know it's because his computer has problems and work stuff, but I'm not used to not talking to him almost everyday and miss him. We've sent a few lovely emails, but because I've been sick, needed to talk through my decision, and generally a bit needy it hasn't felt like enough and I'm starting to get annoyed that he isn't putting enough effort in to try and find time to talk to me.

Plus roomie and her boyfriend are having serious drama, again, and I am having to console her and am actually worried to leave her here over Christmas. If they don't work out then she's going to be ALL ALONE on Christmas and New Year's and I would just feel horrible. I've been thinking that besides both of them being crazy, this is why its generally just really hard to live with a couple. These two fight a lot more then usual couples do, and when they do its RIDICULOUS, but I am always in the middle of it because not only do I live here, but I am also her best friend here. I have become like this third person in their relationship- its so strange.

Oh gosh am I excited about coming home for Christmas! I am already planning all of the gifts I'll be getting everyone from the folk shops and open air Christmas markets (once I can breathe properly again of course) and can't wait to enjoy the nice weather and sunshine! Plus, I do miss my family more then I can really say. I've said it once and I'll say it again, I value my real friends and family now so SO much. I can't wait to snuggle with everyone and just laugh and relax and enjoy.

Also, I'm sadly about finished with Mad's seriously sad. I feel like I am now best friends with all of the characters how could we possibly part ways! But I AM also downloading The Wire and am ready for another show to keep me up nights.

I'm ready for friends and family and Christmas please.

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