Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Surprise!

I know I have been majorly playing the disappearing act lately, BUT in my defense I was protecting my big secret which was finally revealed today! This little world traveler has decided to take a break and return home "permanently" to socal this holiday! I only told the people I was saying goodbye to in Bratislava, work of course, and my brother. All so I could do THIS today!

*please note my mums new birthday gloves I got her that she refused to take off and my parents kooky Christmas hats they wore all day. Try not to be TOO jealous of my family.

Then mom cried her little eyes out!

Yeah I know, they were pretty excited about their BIG surprise. And I'm so glad I don't have to constantly lie anymore! 

And now for the WHY.

Let's be honest, work has been extremely draining and then I'm still struggling with money every month. My mum was IN the hospital for like 2 weeks and we had that big cancer scare where I pretty much already wanted to go home then.  And theres roomie with her constant boyfriend drama I was involved in WAY too close for comfort. Plus, all my friends there had decided to stop being my friend so I was already starting all over trying to make a life for myself. SO when work asked me if I'd like to stay home at the holiday because of everything with my mum, I thought about it for a week and although it was tough decided on YES PLEASE. They found a lovely replacement for me who will start when the kids come back, I got to say good bye to the kids and friends outside of work in secret, and then had to try and do all of my Christmas shopping, figure out the substituting job back here, pack up my entire life, finish grading trimester tests and put together all the kids progress reports within like ONE week. I feel like I haven't slept in days and days. 

I'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy. I really had to wrap my head around not living in a city for back with my parents...not being able to have my own classroom anymore...leaving roomie (who although is drama, is also like my sister), etc. But in the end the weight I felt leave me the moment my director asked if I'd like to stay home and still be on good terms with the school was unmistakable. I was already thinking of quitting the school in December and moving somewhere else anyway, as you all know, but in the end realized I'd be there all alone again and have to start over anyway. It just wasn't appealing anymore. I missed my friends and family who I feel so comfortable, loved, and relaxed with. I missed English, my own socal culture, the sunshine, the food, just everything! And as the plane came in over LA and I teared up happily seeing my beautiful coastline and socal sunshine- I knew I made the right decision. 

But oh we have so much to catch up on now! 

However, it will have to wait until after Christmas tasting with the family tomorrow...and all the fun I've been missing out on here. This is seriously, the best Christmas my family has had in so long! 

Until then,


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