Friday, December 30, 2011

The Long Awaited Christmas Gift

I don't know if it's been obvious or not, but neither birthday boy or I have even so much as kissed another person since we were last together in October. That's kind one of the reasons we knew we liked each other actually... separately neither of us took the opportunity or pursuit of any other people because we secretly didn't want to ruin what was happening between us. We were also having a hard time trying to imagine someone following up what we had shared together. I remember the night I got back from the club and wrote him,

"oh noooooo, you know I like you when I won't dance with anyone else at the club because it feels weird since its not you!"

He laughed and said, he felt the exact same way. It's to the point that even if we're out we don't even notice anyone of the opposite sex anymore...we're just kind of bummed the other person isn't there. Yeah, that happened.

So yes, that means little Miss Horndog (new "affectionate" nick name Annie gave me today haha) has willingly, and somewhat easily, abstained from any kind of sexual or even intense flirting activities since the first weekend in October. I suppose it wasn't very difficult...just recently it has been as the anticipation of seeing him grows and the need for the normal amount of positive male attention strengthens, but otherwise it almost just seems obvious. I mean, of course I don't want to flirt with that random guy when MY guy is so much better and we're crazy about each other. And WHY would I want to have any kind of meaningless sex with random when I could just hold out a little and have the best EVER and sweetest EVER with my guy? But it also means that sometimes I don't even want to go out and would rather just be home talking to him, teehee.

So I realize that 3 months isn't very long for some people, but for me it VERY MUCH is. I insisted that we make the first day he's here a continuation of our last rendezvous in Bratislava which was basically amazing days of what he likes to call "naked movie day" where we just laid in bed and laughed and talked and watched movies naked while intermittently having a lot of amazing sex. Seriously, so much fun. We're STILL referencing jokes and fun things that happened during that sweet time together. So from the airport on Tuesday we're going straight to Hustler for funsies and then to the hotel...only to emerge for dinner in which I'd like him to try some Mexican food (obviously) and bring it back to our room to eat...back in bed. He even has the movie list completed of what we're going to watch together because he's so excited.

If I am able to walk after Tuesday, on Wednesday morning we're going to the zoo (which was all his idea and again, he's SO excited, its really cute) then up to my parents house for the family/friend dinner event. Somehow Cassie and Annie got invited and now I feel like I am going to be SO embarrassed somehow...although Annie did promise "I won't mention the lazy eye when you're tired issue or..." so that was 'encouraging'. Plus I asked my mom to make rice and beans and Spanish hamburgers...which I didn't realize is going to make for a ROUGH rest of the evening in my body. Better pack some zantac or good Lord is he going to get to know me well. And Thursday (if Im not still in the bathroom) he wants to go to SeaWorld! Obviously I didn't argue. AND After a little research it looks like he gets in FREE for military to both places! And I think Melissa's gift of my fake wedding ring will come in handy so maybe the free spouse thing can work too. Who else would abuse the military personnel discount? Do you not know me by now?

PS Update on my silliness. I told birthday boy about my worry's of him going home and forgetting about me. He basically laughed in my face with a "Why on earth would you ever think that?! I am counting down until we are together!" answer and I called it a day. Still working on trying to stay present without getting too attached and ending up hurt at the same time. It's really "fun" to try and balance all of that as usual.





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