Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Was very sick, now swamped with work and getting ready to go home for the holiday. Really, I am always surprised by how much stress it's possible to have within one person.

Plus...I have some secrets I can't spill yet that just seem to blurt out when I'm writing so I've been avoiding you like the plague.

But here we are.

BECAUSE I have some wonderful! fantastic! amazing! beautiful! news that I CAN share!!!!

My birthday boy is coming to visit ME in San Diego January 3-7!!!!
We booked our swanky hotel downtown for 3 nights and got a legit deal from one of his family friends. My favorite part was when I was telling him all the different things there is to do and asked him what he'd like to do because he got SO excited to go to Sea World, the zoo, and Disneyland with me (all his ideas, besides Disney obviously). I'm not sure we can squeeze all of that into 2.5 days...or if any sane person would even want to...but either way we're pumped.

We were so thrilled about spending merely 3 days together we forgot about the amazing hot sex we were going to have too! So then we talked about that and got even MORE excited. And I haven't realized how long it's been since I've had sex- my birthday. Over 2 months. I'm going to die. No wonder I'm all stressed out, damn.

My mum has another scan for cancer tomorrow. Found out today birthday boys brain IS officially slowly bleeding and he's going to have to figure out treatment in the states asap. My class has been EXTRA draining lately. Christmas shopping. I think hormones might be spicing things up a bit here. Plus my secrets are pretty big ones. Cue crying in my classroom today when the kids went to lunch. The only thing keeping me sane is imaging HOME December 22nd and my lover January 3rd. But theres just SO MUCH to do from now until then I may have a heart attack in the process.

Good news! Got some results back from the doctor and am officially allergic to milk. Not just lactose intolerance that hurts my tummy like I thought- but instead its even more fun. When I eat it, it suppresses my immune system so I get more sick, makes me congested, gives me headaches, AND hurts my tummy! On the one hand I'm glad to know why I am perpetually stuffed up and keep getting SO sick all the time, on the other hand MILK?! REALLY? I just fell back in love with cheese and yogurt after the vegan diet ended and now they are rudely being taken away again?! I don't even know what to eat!

Luckily, according to the always correct wikipedia, usually if its cooked into something (like fatty Christmas baked goods) it cooks out the part that sets off most peoples allergies. So no more wine and cheese nights, but apparently I can still replace my dinners with cookies if needed. I guess it's time to start cooking for myself again. Gosh I miss my socal Trader Joe's and Henry's where the healthy milk free foods flock like the salmon of Capistrano. And the fruits and vegetables actually taste good so I eat them...mmmmmmm.

And NOW for the countdown to Christmas holiday in San Diego!

Only 8 more days until I leave!!

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