Sunday, March 27, 2011

And the Vibe Drama Continues.


As if my luck couldn't get any worse already having been through 2 vibrators this year. I bought a more expensive one in the fall, well before I left. I even bought an extra little one "just in case".  Around $40 for the main one and $20 for the little "just in case" guy.

Of course now that I am half way across the world with my boyfriend on the other side of the world. The Vibe breaks AGAIN. Straight away I try and google some sex shops in my area, but the directions are all sketchy and I can't order one online because it'll get sent to the school (yeah...that'd be awkward). I found one with vague directions but decided to wait until Cassie got here so we could go together (this was a MONTH ago)...I felt weird walking around the city trying to find a sex shop alone. Even my little spare one needs new weird batteries I haven't seen around here, and even then it only works sometimes.

So Cassie left without us getting the chance to go.

But I somehow convinced new roomie to come with me.
We get there.

I find the exact same one I had before for...wait for it...140 EUROS.

Yeah. I almost cried. Not only am I pretty much broke right now, but when I just decided to go for it out of desperation, my card got rejected.

So here I am. 8 days until pay day. And I am going to pay MORE then double what I would have paid at home. I could hit one of you up to send one to me, and have it sent to my new apartment and then have to pick it up at the post office...but by the time you pay for it AND shipping it'll be about the same.

Maybe I'll see what has to offer.

Before I die.

PS Did you miss the vibe stories? I know you did!

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