Monday, March 21, 2011


I guess I could handle more of this.

Welp, decided to stay until December my friends.

Talked with PAG finally over the wasn't our best conversation ever I have to admit...he seemed a bit cranky and unapologetic for not contacting me the entire week. But it was still nice to catch up and talk about this with him. This week I think we will talk more now that finals are over and hopefully rekindle some of our relationship. He was becoming my best friend and then disappeared into finals abyss, so now I feel distant.

During our lovely and lengthy conversation, I brought up the offer my director gave me to go home for the summer and then just work until December holiday break. So basically working for 3 months but getting paid for 6, and being able to put on my resume "a year of teaching abroad". Plus, have you SEEN my bomb ass apartment? He immediately agreed with me and seconded that it was a good idea and that I should do it. Sometimes he's so supportive though that I am almost like "but wait...don't you miss me?".

I think it will be hard to come back here after an amazing summer with all of my friends and family and lover...but if I come home for our week break in October, I really wouldn't even be gone that long. Maybe it was easier making this decision after not talking to him for so long and having such a blast with my new roomie in my new place. Ask me this question 3 weeks ago and it was a clear NO WAY, right?

I keep waiting to feel regret. Today after I told the school I kept waiting to wish I had taken it back...but nothing came. I am finally getting a handle on my job and even getting a head start on next years curriculum so I won't be where I am now-stressed. I making friends...enjoying things around the city...settling into my place. And I like having my man waiting for me while I gallivant around the city. I miss him, but I also don't have to worry about meeting anyone else around here or impressing anyone. I just do whatever.

So thats that my friends. Therefore, get ready for an EPIC summer.



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