Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drama in Bratislava.

So, I haven't talked much about my new room mate...but we pretty much LOVE each other. We never get tired of each other, and if we are generally a little socially tired we just sit in our room "caves" and it doesn't offend either of us. We work separately all day, which I think really helps, and then at night we either meet up with friends for dinner, or we go shopping, or eat at home. When we go out, we always watch our drinks and look out for each other if boys are all up in our grill. Plus, its nice to have someone make sure you get home ok.

Roomie has been having her own dramatic love affair with an all to similar story to mine, in a nutshell: she met an amazing guy from Canada who was here working for a few months, they fell for each other and spent all their days and evenings together until he had to move to Mexico City for work. They both agreed to try and make it work even though they both work so much and the time change is a BITCH. Their communication was similar to PAG and I's, but they didn't know when they would see each other again. Last weekend we were shopping and he drunkenly calls her and tells her he wants to end things (que crying in the dressing room, literally). When she tried to talk to him sober about it all week, he kept telling her he was too busy. So she's just assumed its over and is so sad.

So here we are. Two gorgeous girls in Europe with stag party men always hanging all over us, so depressed and sad because the ones we really want don't care enough to make it work.

Last night we were both depressed so we forced each other to go out for dinner at cute place down the street that turns into a "discoteca" around 10. We usually end up there for dancing after we go anywhere else, and roomie knows all the bar tenders so we get taken care of. There was a huge group of GORGEOUS men who were clearly NOT Slovak, obviously another English stag party. (Oops, that means bachelor party to you American folk. In Europe, the men ALL do a Vegas style bachelor party to a party city...Bratislava is small but cheap and fun so I seriously meet a different group of these guys every weekend. They are usually really fun, and way better looking then the Slovak guys)
We ended up talking to them at the bar and one thing leads to another...and we're all best friends and having a crazy dance party all night long! There were quite a few boys who fell in love with me (and my boobs) and we just danced the night away...had 4 way drinks..."your the best dancer in here!"..."you have an amazing body"...and in particular one hot boy in a grey sweater had his arm around me all night and wanted to take me home.

Thats when Canadian boy finally texts roomie and I see her sitting at the bar with her hand in some ice (she burned it doing those on-fire shots, obviously) and her face in her other hand about to cry. Somehow my room mate who can NEVER drink enough to get drunk, apparently has, and apparently needs to be take home.

I am saying good bye to the many men who loved me, when grey sweater is trying to convince me to stay and won't let me go and KISSES ME. Not on the cheek my friends. It only lasted for a second because roomie needed me, and uh HELLO I am still technically in a relationship, and because I wasn't even really that into it. But it happened. Part of me wants to tell PAG what happened...part of me is still planning on not hearing from him...and part of me just wants to let it be because I know it would hurt PAG and it wasn't even that big of a deal. I kind of already forgot about it until I started writing this.

Of course, I've already analyzed it. I require attention from men, it doesn't even have to be sexual, but every woman needs it. If I am not getting it from phone calls with my lover back home, then its really hard for me to just wave off every guy who hits on me wherever we go. When PAG and I are talking and things are good, I have no problem brushing off the guys, in fact I prefer to have a lover home waiting for me then having to try and mess around with douche bags. But when I haven't heard from him in 10 DAYS...things start to get a little crazy.

Anyway, I walked roomie home and was glad she made me leave when she did so I didn't do anything stupid. Put her to bed and we both cried ourselves to sleep.

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