Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Weird Stuff Happened...

First of all, long distance relationships are TOUGH. Even more so when neither of you have the funds to see each other for 6 months at a time and the 9 hour time change makes even finding time to talk, a nightmare. Plus, we both happened to have very busy jobs so even emailing or having energy to talk during the designated ok Plus, how can we forget the no sex thing. Not even a kiss, a hand to hold, a look. I can't even remember the last time I was ANYONE. 

So here we are alone for 2.5 months without my lover.

My wonderful new room mate has quite a few British and Canadian friends here. Thursday night her Canadian ginger guy friend was in town again for a few months and I had just dropped off some stuff to our flat, so we all went out for a really nice Italian dinner. (It was actually called Paparazzi, so obviously I was in heaven.) And we had a really nice time, all of us are outgoing and funny so we just laughed and laughed and told stories...somehow I got them talking about sex and later they both told me "Um, we never talk about that kind of thing lady, how come its only when your here" hehehe...and we just had a blast. They both have long distance relationships too, so I thought we were all cool.

Then I go out with room mate, Canadian ginger guy, another sweet couple, a single ginger, and our token gay last night for a lot of drinking and dancing at 3 different bars and OH MAN was it so fun! After ginger guy gets a few drinks in him though...suddenly he's whispering in my ear about how he wants to take me home, do I like giving blow jobs, reminding me that my boyfriend isn't here, etc. I OUTRIGHT rejected him, I just kept yelling "NO FUCK YOU!" and trying to have a serious face. I wasn't even teasing him or trying to get his attention or anything the entire night, I thought we were just friends and were cool. He was just drinking and horny and apparently ok with cheating on his girlfriend of 10 years. The best part, is that my room mate was trying to set him up with the single ginger there because she was cute and somehow even more outgoing then either of us (and kind of obviously easy, sadly). So he would be making out with her, and then she'd get distracted and he'd be over whispering in my ear about how he wants me. At one point we were walking to another bar and hes holding hands with her and Im on the other side (with the entire group of course) and he grabs my ass with his other hand! Are you kidding? 

Although it was pretty ridiculous and annoying, I have to admit it was nice having some male attention even if it wasn't desired. I felt hot and wanted again, which is something I never get here because Im always trying to look and feel pretty without having anyone approach me- Im trying to find a balance. And to me, even flirting or dancing with someone beyond just friendliness is cheating. I wouldn't want PAG flirting or dancing all sexy time with other girls so why am I going to do it? Plus, I know he doesn't do anything like that and I don't want to hurt him. From the beginning I've been more afraid that I'll be the one to slip up and break his heart and ruin everything we have, I know he is too shy and busy to play that game. But me? I am always going out with horny travelers or ex-pats, I have a booty and boobs you can see from miles away, I'm fun and outgoing, and I've never been as serious about someone as I am now. Its my first time really NOT being single. 

So that was that. 

In the end I of course came home alone, and even drunk dialed PAG "Hey baby! I was just out at the bar and this guy was hitting on me and I told him nooooo I love my boyfrienddddd. So now I'm home alone and I missss youuuuu and loooooove youuuuu...ok bye!" before passing out in my new bed. At first I was concerned PAG wouldn't like the message because I talked about some other guy hitting on me and accidentally said "I love you"...twice there actually. But upon further thinking, if I got that call from my guy far away I would have loved it. And as far as the "I love you's" go...I did tell him I was falling in love with him as I lay on his chest in our last moments of our last night he can't be too surprised. 

Always An Adventure In Slovakia.



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