Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day From Bratislava

So its almost 1am on a weekday, I just walked myself home from the packed Irish pub, where I was offered SEVERAL free drinks and had my number asked for. OMG this is the Europe I've been waiting for.

Of course, I was a good girl and told them I had a boyfriend...and laughed at their "he's in the US, he doesn't have to know" logic. I am even home in bed before my room mate.

It was hard saying no to perfectly lovely boys when I havent talked to mine in over a week now. And of course, I forgot my phone at home the ONE time this week and come home to his missed call. I almost cried. And whenever I call back he doesn't pick up or answer my gchat texts. I keep thinking at this point hes just calling to end things with me because its been so long. And also because I am a crazy person.

Nice to remember I can get some ass whenever I want to though. I felt pretty and desired for the first time since I've been here really. Such a good night. Although work tomorrow will probably leave something to be desired...



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