Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Things are kind of weird again...

We had two government inspectors come to our school today and for the rest of the week, to observe us, interview us, and check that all of the administratives documents are in order. It's a BIG deal, they can shut down your school if health and safety aren't up to code or for any reason. Of course, my school had hardly any of the admin documents ready so we've been scrambling around trying to get everything ready and Ive been REALLY angry about it. I already work extensively overtime every week developing my curriculum, and I found out we are already with the kids over the legal amount anyway. PLUS I had all this extra stuff to do because the admin hadn't done any of it since the school opened 10 years ago.

PAG has finals this week too, and we've been missing each others calls. But again, he's not responding to my emails (but then has time to send me news articles that he also sends to his family...which is sweet because we do that...but how come you have time for that and not time to email me back or anything?) and it's now been a week since we've talked. He's tried to call twice but I had it on vibrate and missed them. So that is always weird too. I miss talking to him, and love to talk to him especially when I am having a stressful week. He makes me happy.

And now I have to tell my work about not coming back next year and its so hard to walk away from a job when they just laid off MORE teachers back home. And when my new apartment is so amazing. And I am falling in love with my city and kids at work.

I keep asking myself, are you really just going home for a boy who you haven't even talked to in a week?

But of course I miss other things too. Living abroad is much more glamourous then it least in my case. I work my butt off at my job, the admin is unorganized, making new friends is HARD, and come on, lets be needs some sex.

so ready for the weekend already.



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