Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You've Got Mail.

Just checking my email like normal...

When something from NUMBER 2 comes up with "From the Bottom of My Heart" as the subject.

Yeah, I kind of freaked out. Not like crying or really any feeling besides "well, FINALLY, he's probably apologizing or something"

But I definitely didn't breath for the entire minute I looked at it sitting in my inbox waiting to be read.

However, it ended up just being spam.

Looks like his email was hacked.

So, still back to not hearing from the man who "loved" me for almost 6 months now.

And thank God too, I think we've managed to find a winner with PAG and this awesome working and living it up in Slovakia business.

In other news, I think my mother is counting on me marrying this one. She's brought it up more than once to the point that its kind of weirding me out.



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