Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fourth Times the Charm.

Well it FINALLY happened! I moved!

And friends, let me tell you. I live in PARADISE.

Lets paint a picture for you...

Not only is my flat gorgeous and brand new with everything provided, but I live above a French Cafe with free wifi on a pedestrian only cobble stone shopping street. I live right in the old city so I can walk to all the bars and restaurants plus all the English book stores and cafes I've been wanting to try. Getting anywhere takes like 5 minutes walking, even cute clothing or big grocery stores. I am in heaven!!!

My room currently only has a bed right now though, so without a wardrobe, shelves, or a nightstand everything is a mess. But by next weekend I should have some pictures of my room. Tomorrow I will try and take some pictures of the flat though and neighborhood, I love life again!

I realized I have moved 4 times this year. To Melissas. Back to Parents. To my first flat in Slovakia. And now here. I am so ready to be settled somewhere with my man and career. But then I still love to go out and be active, is that still allowed when your married? Hmm...

From my new flat in Slovakia with LOVE!!!



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