Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Decisions.

Think crazy could stand living it up in Europe a bit longer? 

I know in previous posts, I have wanted to come home right NOW and could hardly stand being away from my family, friends, and lover anymore.

Not going to lie...suddenly I find myself getting used to missing everyone back home, but also loving my life here. The dull ache of missing home and the crying fits have subsided, and now I am just busy with my awesome fun job and going out almost every night of the week with new friends. Of course there are still things I miss about home, and I am still REALLY looking forward to my summer holiday there. But my school director offered me to extend my contract just until January. Then I would get paid over the summer, and would only really be working September through half of December. There is even a break in October where I could come home or meet somewhere and see my PAG (assuming things there are even going to work out). Financially it would make sense...since I still have some debt to pay off and need some savings before trying to make it work back in socal. Plus, for my career I would be able to write a YEAR of teaching abroad...instead of just a random 6 months somewhere. Having experience is crucial to getting a job anywhere in California because they just keep firing all of the teachers and can be picky in hiring new ones since the market is flooded with good applicants. I would be home for Christmas and right around when the teaching jobs are posted for the next year. So I would get to spend a summer with all of you with free time and money AND would just be gone for 3.5 months again before coming home for good.

This is another reason I've been trying to talk to PAG. I want to make this decision with him or just know he is done with me and make my own decision. I know I would never find anyone here...the international community is pretty weird, the Slovak guys are ugly and have old world ideas about women, and any hot guy is just here for a stag party weekend.

And this is what Sundays were invented for. Sitting in bed working and being sad all day while thinking about how your life decisions are a hot mess.



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