Monday, April 04, 2011

One Of Those Days...

OH MAN. Today was just one of those days. I was surprisingly in rather good spirits, although exhausted...

1) Woke up late today because my alarm on my shitty phone is apparently broken, scrambled to get ready and made it on time to my tram! Hooray!

2) DEFINITELY got on the wrong tram because I was so sleepy and out of it, got off on the next stop but didn't make it to my bus until I saw it leaving in the distance. Next bus doesn't come for 30min. Just got to sit there. Not technically late for work, but still lost valuable prep time so I had to scramble all day instead.

3) Half way through the day it started storming. I didn't even bring an umbrella or jacket with a hood on it. Public transport in the rain SUCKS.

4) Started my period.

5) Am starting to get a cold again.

6) Am reminded, when its almost time to go home, we have a stupid ass staff meeting today.

But then when I got home I finally built my nightstand! It's been sitting in its Ikea box for like 3 weeks and my room was such a hole without it, so now its pretty at least. And me and the roomie had some laughs too.

I think I am going to take some dance classes here! They are like 2-4 euro per session and they have every kind of class you could ever want.

I just want it to be Friday already please.



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