Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yep, Officially Have A Lover.

Well, Africa is REALLY living up to his potential. I am constantly surprised by him. It started with his sweet facebook messages, compliments galore and sending me songs...so romantic and sweet. Then today he came over when he said he would and brought me all these treats! Dessert, chocolate, a box of amazing strawberries he had to get from a special store, cold medicine, tea, and honey because he knows I've been feeling sick. AND massage oil. First he gave me an amazing sensual head and neck massage and then a full body massage with this special oil he brought.

We had a nice time chatting and talking about our lives. He showed me these cute videos from when he was on Slovak TV here showing African cooking and salsa dancing. Apparently he's really good at both and just continues to be so sweet with me. He wants to meet up with us again over the weekend, so maybe he will come dancing with us after work. He works at a fancy place downtown just for extra cash, which will come in handy when we need reservations...

To be honost, I don't feel like I am falling for him like I did with PAG and Number 2. But for now it's nice to have a sweet man pay me attention and treat me like a princess...plus, the sex is fantastic. Not to mention all his crazy Africa stories, I can't stop asking him questions.

I just hope he doesn't get too attached.

Our lame Easter holiday spent here in B-Town is over, back to work tomorrow- bleh. But I miss my kids and its a short week so hopefully I won't be too burnt out by the weekend. Can't believe I only have May and June left of work! I have a feeling they will go by slowly though...



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