Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Lover?

It would appear I may take on another lover...

Africa made sure I added him on FB before he left for his Easter festivities and then messaged me today because he wanted to see me again. I am feeling sick and out of it, so I said tomorrow and we've been writing back and forth and its so cute! (he lost his phone the night we met...this happens a lot here actually, people steal shit or it falls out of our guy friends coat pockets at the clubs). So tomorrow afternoon we will meet again, he is going to bring me ginger and honey to chew on for my sore throat (some weird Africa thing that cracks me up), and we'll just chill I guess. I am excited to spend time with someone new, I forget how fun it is getting to know new boys. I missed it. And he seems really social and fun, like he would be fun to go out with us on the weekends for a bit. But we'll see what happens, I know nothing serious can come out of it and I think I kind of like that. Just something light and fun for awhile will be good for me.

Hmm...I should go buy more condoms-they only sell them in packs of 3 here. Its weird.

Tomorrow is also my last day of holiday, Wednesday I go back to work with no breaks until the end of the school year. Bleh. But to end the holiday I am getting a surprise done! You will have to see tomorrow!

Ok, off to live my ridiculous life...



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