Sunday, April 03, 2011

The "Normal" One.

You Should Have Loved Me
Source unknown. 

Having made some new friends here in Bratislava, finally, sometimes things get weird. Friday night after a long nap after work, we all met up our our traditional spot, the Irish pub for a typical I thought. The other two girls I was with, although lovely and by far my favorite girls here, ended up crying at various points during the evening and were such hot messes I kind of wanted to leave at some points. They are both getting over recent heart breaks, and OF COURSE I understand, but how strange it was to be the "normal" one who has it all together. For once I am not the girl crying at the bar with Annie taking care of my sad drunk ass because douche bag number 2 was, surprise surprise, being a douche bag. I was the girl who had it all together and that was WEIRD.

So apparently I am an adult now. And I think I really like it. 



PS: How much do you LOVE this picture?

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