Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Can I Say?

Roomie captured the magic.

So something happened and I brought a boy home last night.

Yeah I know, two one night stands in two weekends= WHO AM I?!

But there was a beautiful African man seducing me at the club (different from the one Thursday night that I kissed, obviously) and we danced and danced and he was kissing my neck and arms all seductively and "purring" in my ear- which is apparently some precious African thing. They say the lions lick you up and down and then purr in your me, its awesome.

I was tired and it was 4am so I invited him back to my first I was just planning on taking it slow and maybe just making out and stuff. But then...oh man, lets just say he is very good at what he does. And PS this is why I now choose black guys every time, they take a lot of time to please a woman and take it really seriously. Plus, they tend to be romantic...I mean, he took my bra off with his teeth. And then would massage my neck and head throughout the entire evening. Major points.

Actually, I don't think this is going to be a one night stand as much as the other one was. Africa lives in Bratislava and is going to school here for engineering. He's lived in the states a lot before and his English is really good...he also speaks French, Arabic, Slovak, his tribal language, and is taking Spanish right now as well. It was nice to speak Spanish with someone actually. So, he's intellectual and is going to school to focus on solar technology to bring back to Africa. We chatted about history and Africa and all kinds of things last night and today. He wanted to make sure I added him on facebook and was already talking about coming back here to give me an "African Massage" and to make me dinner...because yeah, he cooks too. My roomie had one of our friends over last night too...they're having a little mini this morning we were all hanging out in our knickers and it was just really lovely. I made Africa and I toast with nutella and tea and we had breakfast in bed before he had to go because he had Easter plans with a family here. I don't really see this going anywhere long term, but we had a nice time and he is REALLY sweet...and an excellent lover.

Side note: I think I kind of realized it at the time, but it's even more evident now that I've been with other people- the connection I had with PAG and even with Number 2 as being so rare. Sexual energy and having nice conversation with a man is one thing, but the click is entirely another. Although anything intimate is just FUN with almost anyone, with those two it was really like making something beautiful together. And the communication, connection, and emotion together just manifested into this lovely sexual intimacy. I know I am currently acting out because I have been sexually deprived for a very very long time, I am hurt, and because I am craving intimacy with a man. I also know it will pass with time and I will go back to being my normal "waiting for the right guy" kind of girl. I definitely don't want to be one of those girls who always sleeps around and rips her heart a part. Plus, sex hurts and I'm always all sore for days afterwards.

So we'll see what happens with Africa, maybe he'll call and make us dinner and give me a massage-or maybe he won't and I'll just go on with my fabulous life. Either way, I am pretty much happy. I'd rather have PAG in my life at this point and am still missing him, but we're moving on and I am trying to believe there is someone better out there for me. Meanwhile, having some proper sex is really nice.



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