Sunday, April 03, 2011

Out in B-Town...

I dont know if you have caught on yet...but I go out. A LOT.

Put extroverted girls in the middle of the city, give them well paying jobs in a cheap city, where everything is in walking distance from their bomb ass flat, and you get what you see below. Trouble.

Last night though, man we ROLLED. Started at this cool old church turned into a pub, then went to our favorite bar/dance club Primi till around 2a, then to an official club Channels until 6AM!! I love how everything in Europe stays open so late, the place was still packed when we left, I had no concept of time except my feet started hurt from dancing so much! I danced with quite a few guys, managed to find all the hot black guys and dance with them (they are really the only ones who know how to move here, and handle all this, haha).

But then something happened...

Dancing with a nice guy from Nigeria, who reminded me of my PAG, and he started to get a little touchy feely...which I wasn't into...but I was having fun and he was harmless and I already made it clear I had a boyfriend. Then he tells me "you have such a nice body...I like the way you drive me crazy!" And started grabbing my hips really hard, pulling me really close to him, and grinding on me really hard...I couldn't even really get away...then I realized...OMG I think he's going to come on my leg right now!!! And sure enough he does this for a little while before suddenly falling limp and I felt him relax. And that was when I decided we were done. Yeah, pretty sure you just came on my leg dude.

So now I can say some random African guy came on my leg in Bratislava. So thats disgusting.

On a separate issue, I was just patting myself on the back about being so well behaved actually since we've been here. I try to only dance with my girl friends, but if they aren't dancing I'll sometimes dance with some nice guys...typically they don't try anything or come on my leg though...and then if they are getting too touchy feely I'll peace out or ask the roomie for help and she'll rescue me. I don't do the eye contact thing in the bars with cute guys or even flirt really. A lot of times I end up chatting with guys who also have significant others and are in town for a stag party, and we just talk about whatever and its not creepy. I don't give out my number, I don't take numbers, but damn I still have such a good time!
Not going to lie, its tough to have guys hanging all over you the entire night- giving them the rejection- then going home alone. I always end up calling PAG as soon as I get home because I am so sad without him by then. And damn am I hot and bothered.

Heres to another fantastic weekend in Bratislava!

Friday Night...

 The crew...

Saturday Night...
"did you just try and lay on my boob, because it was my hand, ya jackass!" 

the love of my life!

Bed at 6:00am...up at 11:00am for brunch...then lunch...because we stayed until 4p, haha. 

Who is this little guy? Well, we started the evening at a birthday party in which he attended. He kind of attached himself to us, and we let him, because come on...he's like 12. He hung out with us ALL night...tried to make out with me several times unsuccessfully, and ended up sleeping on our tiny couch before we woke him up 5 hours later and made him go to brunch with us for 5 hours. Yeah, two crazy American girls doesn't even begin to describe his probable perception of us. 

I just like this one. 



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